we focus on empowerment and freedom by not only helping thinking about the problems but also in the strategy and delivery to really overcome them...

...given our varied industry interests, this can span from regulatory or international strategy, through ensuring and coordinating analysis and delivery of specific pieces of work from a to z, to navigating a specific industry or new business. 

our interests are varied, so show us your biggest challenge and we will break it down and solve it for you, because that is what we do for the challenges that we ourselves find interesting and apply to.

our mission is, therefore, to achieve or support in achieving widespread real change in complex problems, regardless of the industry or the size of the client.

‘Yes we can. Yes we did. Yes we can’
— President Barack Obama, Jan 2017

what we've achieved

  • non-profit college organisation for real  real life professional pre-graduation experience 
  • food industry tech startup, from initial concept to full MVP setup and launch
  • publishing company development stage strategy and execution support
  • food products company from concept to launch